Nickel electroplating is based on electroplating the steel, copper and copper alloys, zinc and zinc alloys with nickel. There are two types of classification. First one is coating towards decorative needs and anti-corrosion or towards the industrial needs. Second classification is classified according to the different coating thicknesses. When decorative coating is applied, expectation from the application is homogeneous, glossy and vibrant looking surface. When functional features are wanted, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, hardness, magnetic effect and different other features are available. Also, it is used in electroforming.

Performance Tests

Coating performance is calculated by Surface Appearance, Coating Thickness (ASTM B499), Adhesion (ASTM B571), Thermal Resistance, Corrosion Resistance Test (ASTM B117) and Hydrogen Embrittlement Evaluation (ASTM F519).

Related Standards

QQ-N-290A, AMS 2403 (These are the main international standards, it can also be customer standards as well.)