Facility Security Certificate

With the Facility Security Certificate we received by the Ministry of National Defense, we aim to do valuable work in important defense industry projects in our country. With EST Facility Security Certificate and equipment, it is now safe and the property of our customer is safe.

4.ICDDA Activity

4.ICD event from October 23-25 Hacettepe University have performed with success in Beytepe Convention Center. We were a single-surface trading company on the days of Defense and Aviation cooperation with 200 foreign companies. Through conferences and bilateral meetings, we had the opportunity to meet and communicate with many companies. Thank you for this wonderful organization of the OSSA cluster.

Gold and Silver Plating

On August 15th, our Gold Silver Plating line was in operation. The post-holiday customer approval process will begin. We celebrated this joyful day with our team with the increase of our ability to cover.

New Investments

We are currently serving our customers in 2000 m2 area. Our current workload needs a safer and bigger work area due to increase in our business. We are ready to move to a new place where we can increase our capacity and quality. Our main aim is to provide better and safer service to our customers.

We signed an ICDDA agreement

We decided to attend ICDDA organization once again after 2013. ICDDA organization, which brings the leading companies of the world in Defense and Aerospace together and creates a platform that companies can meet together and make new contacts and agreements, will create opportunities for us and local companies serving in the same industry. Organization took place under SSM by OSSA and ABE, special thanks to them making this organization possible. TAI, ASELSAN, ROKETSAN also took place in this organization and made effective meetings and partnerships possible in Defense and Aerospace industries.

Our NADCAP Certifications are extended for 2 more years

From year 2013, our NADCAP certifications are under two different scopes as “Aerospace Quality System” and “Chemical Processing”. Our Quality System Accreditation is extended to 2012 and Chemical Process Accreditation is extended to 2020 by passing inspections successfully. Chemical Processes under NADCAP is published under Scope page.