Tests and Controls that can be made in our laboratory according to the standards of the materials

  • Tank Analysis with Volumetric Analysis
  • Rinse Water Control (pH, conductivity and TDS)
  • Weight Loss “ASTM B 137, ISO 2106”
  • Coating Thickness “ASTM B 244 and with micrometer”
  • Corrosion Resistance Test “ASTM B 117, BS EN ISO 9227”
  • Abrasion Resistance Test “ASTM D4060”
  • Etching and Abrasion Resistance “According to customer needs”
  • Paint Adhesion and Wet Adhesion Tests “FED-STD-141”
  • Viscosity Calculations for Mixture Paint “According to customer needs”
  • Copper Sulphate Test “MIL-STD-753, AMS 2700”
  • Paints and Varnishes, Bend Test “ISO 6860”
  • Coating thickness measurements of Gold, Silver and layered coatings with X-Ray Device
  • Providing visual control of raw and coated parts with digital camera and visual Stereo Microscope

Nadcap Approved Laboratory Activities

AC7108/4 Rev B – Nadcap Audit Criteria for Solution Analysis and Testing in Support of Chemical Processing to AC7108

  • Solution Analysis In Support of AC7108
  • Testing Performed Internally In Support of the Chemical Process Accreditation
  • Salt Spray Testing In Support of AC7108
  • Taber Wear Testing In Support of AC7108
  • Adhesion Testing (Adhesion Tape Testing) In Support of AC7108
  • Coating Weight Testing In Support of AC7108
  • Conductivity Testing In Support of AC7108
  • Coating Thickness Measurement In Support of AC7108
  • Copper Testing In Support of AC7108

Coating Performances

Name of the Coating Thickness/Weight Loss Salt Spray Test Resistance (Hour)
Chromic Acid Anodizing min.200 mg/ft2 336
Sulphuric Acid Anodizing 5-25µm, min.1000 mg/ft2 336
Hard Anodizing 10-100µm, Opt. 30-50µm min.4320 mg/ft2 336
Aluminum Chromate Coating 0,2-3 gr/m2 168
Stainless Steel Passivation N/A 2
Chemical Fading N/A 96
Electro Zinc Coating 5-30 µm 96
Magnesium Chromate Coating N/A 48
Zinc Phosphate min. 11 g/m2 2
Manganese Phosphate min. 16 g/m2 2
Copper Plating 2,5-100 µm, min.8µm N/A
Nickel Plating 5-40 µm, min.10 µm 120 (nem testi)
Tin Plating 2,5-15 µm, min.8µm N/A
Electroless Nickel 12-38µm Op. 25µm 100
Wet Paint 50-80 µm N/A
Dry Film 5-25µm, Op. 8-13µm 300
Dry Film over Anodizing 10-40µm, Op.15-25µm 700
Dry Film over Phosphate 10-30µm ,Op. 12-20µm 500